ENERGY CARD is an accumulation type card. Through accumulated scores on the card the consumer can pay for communal taxes, fill balance on mobile phone, as well as exchange accumulated scores on petroleum or natural gas coupons.

About Card

Energy Card is an accumulation type card and it is possible to receive it at any service centre of Company SOCAR throughout Georgia.

Registration to receive Energy Card:

The customer should provide an identification document (ID/Residence card, Passport, Drive License) for registration; it is desirable to indicate subscriber’s number and customer’s mobile operator number.

Accumulate points:

It is possible to accumulate points in case if you purchase petroleum and natural gas with cash at any SOCAR petrol station.

Use points:

Using points accumulated on the card the consumer can pay the following services at any SOCAR service centre:

  1. Communal taxes;
  2. Refill balance on mobile phone;
  3. Exchange accumulated points for petroleum or natural gas coupons;

Registration of Energy Card on the website:

In case of registration on the website the consumer can pay taxes on the subscriber’s account or refill balance on the mobile number, indicated during registration or data editing.

The Energy Card holder can edit the data (number of subscriber or mobile telephone) only at service centre. It is possible edit data for each provider (Electricity, natural gas) once per month. The changes to the consumer data of the Energy Card Program and on the website will be automatically displayed in one working day after editing the data.

After registration Energy Card holder can pay taxes as well as receive information about points accumulated on the card.

Without registration on the website only card balance check-up is possible.

Obtain additional information about Energy Card:

To obtain further information about the product call our toll-free hotline *0001. While local and mobile calls you pay only fixed tariff. 

The visitor can contact live support via online chat on the website in order to receive desired information about Energy Card. This information is free and allows several visitors to use online chat simultaneously. This program has the opportunity to create archive and detailed statistics.

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